Recent experience

UX Engineer @ YouTube

At YouTube I’ve been owning Standards, the internal resource for the YouTube design system. I’m creating pages and interactive tools to educate designers on how they can maximize creative expression and usability within the constraints of the system, as well as to provide them with speedy access to resources and information like logos, palettes, fonts, marketing kits, etc.

UX Engineer @ Faculty

As a UX Engineer, I designed and built web experiences for a variety of clients, using technologies ranging from Python and Flask, to cutting-edge Javascript, to WebGL and GLSL. I designed solutions for a myriad clients including font foundries, law firms and cryptography startups. I focused on delivering extremely modern and interactive web solutions with a propensity for progressive enhancement and accessibility.

Design Engineer @ Promontech

As a design engineer, I was primarily responsible for translating design priorities and UX principles to front-end implementation. I coded reusable, scalable components and (S)CSS architecture with a focus on accessibility, interactivity, and developer experience.

Interaction Developer @ Universal Mind

As an Interaction Developer at Universal Mind, my main responsibility was maintaining and iterating the Universal Mind flagship site, as well as a few other static site generation projects.

UI Developer @ Great Dental Websites

At GDW, I was responsible for translating PSD and Sketch mockups to lively, interactive web products. I also designed multiple user interface and experience improvements to the company's CMS product.

Jr. Project Manager @ Fusionbox

As an intern with Fusionbox, I managed web development projects, using agile and standard methodologies. This meant keeping in close contact a wide variety of clients, organizing meetings between clients and the Fusionbox team, and making sure clients' needs were being met on schedule.

Relevant expertise


  • Semantic document structure
  • Accessibility best practices
  • Static site generation/JAMStack


  • Modern featuresets
  • Performant animation techniques
  • Advanced SCSS/Sass
  • Large-scale and systemized style code
  • CSS methodology (BEM, SMACSS, OOCSS, etc)


  • SPA frameworks, incl. Vue, React, and Angular
  • Build pipelines and packaging (Parcel, Gulp, Webpack, NPM, etc)
  • WebGL, shaders & GLSL, & Three.js


  • UX best practices and sensibility
  • Accessibility in web design
  • Design tooling (Figma, Sketch, Adobe CS)
  • Media tooling (Cinema4D, After Effects, Premiere)