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New York, NY

Creative Developer

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Recent Experience

Senior Frontend Developer : OddCommon

September 2021 — Present

At OddCommon, I'm writing front-end code for companies using standard web platform technologies, React, Vue, and even WebGL and GLSL. I keep performance, accessibility, and a standard of progressive enhancement always at the forefront of my approach to web code. I'm staying up-to-date on the latest additions to web tech, and refining a level of mastery of style code and markup I've always enjoyed.

UX Engineer : Faculty

September 2019 — September 2021

As a UX Engineer, I designed and built web experiences for a variety of clients, using technologies ranging from Python and Flask, to cutting-edge Javascript, to WebGL and GLSL. I designed solutions for a myriad clients including font foundries, law firms and cryptography startups. I focused on delivering extremely modern and interactive web solutions with a propensity for progressive enhancement and accessibility.

Design Engineer / UI Developer : Promontech

February 2018 — September 2019

As a design engineer, I was primarily responsible for translating design priorities and UX principles to front-end implementation. I coded reusable, scalable components and CSS architecture with a focus on accessibility, interactivity, and developer experience.

Interaction Developer : Universal Mind

March 2016 — February 2018

As an Interaction Developer at Universal Mind, my main responsibility was maintaining and iterating the Universal Mind flagship site, as well as a few other static site generation projects.

User Interface Developer : Great Dental Websites

March 2015 — March 2016

At GDW, I was responsible for translating PSD and Sketch mockups to lively, interactive web products. I also designed multiple user interface and experience improvements to the company's CMS product.

Jr. Project Manager : Fusionbox

Winter 2014 — March 2015

As an intern with Fusionbox, I managed web development projects, using agile and standard methodologies. This meant keeping in close contact a wide variety of clients, organizing meetings between clients and the Fusionbox team, and making sure clients' needs were being met on schedule.


I care a lot about accessibility, animation & interaction, strong developer experience, and deleting code.